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When a hot water source is opened, the Bosch tankless hot water heater senses the demand and starts delivering continuous hot water. When the hot water source is closed, the tankless water heating unit shuts off. That means no more heating water when you don't' need to. SAFETY SCALDING PREVENTION. Exclusive to the Bosch tankless water heater is a digital control pad see below installed separately from the wall-mounted heating unit, allowing users to control the temperature of their water for various needs around the home. Once the temperature is set, the Bosch unit constantly delivers hot water at that desired temperature. This feature has great utility in households with small children and seniors to help prevent scalding accidents. SAFETY SEALED COMBUSTION. Bosch also offers flexibility in its wall-mounted locations. Should the user prefer to mount the unit indoors, it safely uses no indoor make-up air and vents directly to the atmosphere. Because it is roughly the size of a breadbox, the Bosch tankless water system can be mounted on the exterior of a home freeing up valuable floor and closet space.
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This style of water heater is often called tankless, on demand or instantaneous. While there are a variety of names associated to this style of water heater, they all function in the same basic manner. Tankless water heaters heat water directly and do not store any water. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water travels into the unit.
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The heaters must be carefully sized to be able to accommodate the showers, sinks, dishwashers, and laundry machines in the home, which may or may not all be running at the same time. One challenge is the massive amount of current required for a tankless heater that can accommodate the hot water demand of a family of four. For a 6 gallon per minute gpm tankless heater, which is enough to handle a laundry machine and 1-2 showers simultaneously, 160 amps of current is required, where an electric water heater typically draws 15-20 amps. When taking into account the fact that the average household has an electric service of 200 amps, having 80% of the homes available electric capacity simply on the hot water has potential to become problematic.
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has expertise in all forms of water heating technology, from the traditional hot water tank to the increasingly-popular tankless water heater. Our environmentally-conscious team offers energy-efficient models and can explain the difference in cost and effectiveness between conventional water heaters and on-demand or tankless options. We provide hot water tank installations in Victoria. Learn more about energy-saving technology and how you can benefit from the Efficiency Incentive Program through LiveSmart BC. Hot Water Tank Replacement. When you are looking for a new hot water tank, there are three basic types to choose from. Gas these have faster heating than electric models as well as potentially lower energy costs, but also come with a higher upfront cost as well as a shorter lifespan. Electric Electric heaters are more convenient than gas heaters as you wont need to waste gas to keep the pilot light on.
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The tankless water heater works by directly heating water on demand, as it is required. Unlike traditional hot water heaters using a storage tank, the tankless units have no storage tanks and thereby have no standby heat loss the heat lost and energy wasted by heating water only to store it in a tank, a character flaw of traditional hot water heaters.
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With a tankless hot water heater you have lots of hot water to go around! With a tankless hot water heater you have lots of hot water to go around! Tankless Hot water heaters Unlimited, economical and on-demand. Theres lots to like about todays tankless water heaters. NEEDING INSPECTION OR REPAIR? Please call our service department on 905.407.1406.
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Installing a small holding tank in-line with the tankless heater can help resolve this issue. A Look Inside The cold water intake is at the lower right. Water moves past a small flow sensor before moving into the heating modules, getting heated and travelling out the hot water outlet on the lower left.
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I moved into a new home and had no hot water. He quickly identified and fixed the problem immediately. in the last week. The Tech was very professional and quickly fixed my water heater. in the last week. I had David Cook from Enercare servicing our furnace yesterday, and in one word.superb. he is very knowledgeable, meticulous, and spot on.
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Tankless on demand hot water instantaneous heating. ENERGY SAVINGS: Turning off the faucet automatically shuts off the water heater. This water heater does not preserve heat and does not use any power on stand by. 4.5 out of 5 stars Electric Tankless Water Heater Endless Hot Shower 2.9GPM 12.6KW 220/240V RODWIL.
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When youre at work, on vacation or away for long periods of time, the water is sitting there ready to go. With a tankless water heater, however, youre only paying to heat. water when you need it. Water is also heated quickly and on demand., and is available for as long as you need it. Other advantages of tankless hot water systems.
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Why do I want a tankless hot water heater? Glad you asked. Besides the obvious space savings compared to a traditional tank, tankless units are FAR more efficient. Compare a traditional 40 us gallon natural gas hot water tanks efficiency rate on the high side at 66% to a Navien tankless unit at up to 99%.
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On-Demand Water Heater Installs. Tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water for as long as its needed. These systems are known as Hot Water On Demand, and dont require a storage tank to store hot water. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water travels through a pipe into the unit.

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