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The hybrid water heater maintains water pressure and consistent supply of hot water across multiple hot water applications, and like its tankless cousins, the hybrid is efficient and can supply a continuous flow of hot water on demand. The hybrid approach is designed to eliminate general shortcomings of other technologies.
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Tanks use energy to maintain a tank full of hot water while youre asleep, away at work, etc. If youre home all day, this is less of an issue. On demand, endless supply. Once the tank is used up, you get cold water.
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Tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters. Buy ENERGY STAR to save you money! An ENERGY STAR certified tankless water heater uses 30% less energy, on average, than a storage tank type. Saving energy saves money and reduces your carbon footprint. Rated with an energy factor EF. The higher the EF, the more efficient the water heater. No storage tank. Rather, they heat flowing water only when required, using either an electric element or a gas burner, and essentially providing endless hot water.
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Tankless water heaters work differently than storage tank-style water heaters. Water is heated as needed, there is no set amount of heated water stored, but rather a gas powered heat exchanger ready to provide hot water on demand. The result is endless hot water.
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Problem 2: System Overload. Depending on your tankless water heater's' capacity, too many simultaneous hot water applications such as multiple showers running can overload your water heater. Your water heater may struggle to supply the hot water needed or shut down altogether if it becomes overloaded. If this happens, you should reduce the demand for hot water by limiting simultaneous applications, and you may want to consider resetting your unit.
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This is because tankless water heaters heat water on demand, and that means no storage or shortage of hot water. Imagine the luxury of always having hot showers or filling up a Jacuzzi hot tub and still having endless supply of hot water for the rest of your household needs.
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Supplies endless hot water on demand and only as needed. Shop All Tankless Electric Water Heaters. Point-of-Use Water Heaters. Provides instant hot water as it flows through the unit. Shop All Point-of-Use Water Heaters. Water Heater Parts Accessories Shop All.
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When a hot water source is opened, the Bosch tankless hot water heater senses the demand and starts delivering continuous hot water. When the hot water source is closed, the tankless water heating unit shuts off. That means no more heating water when you don't' need to. SAFETY SCALDING PREVENTION. Exclusive to the Bosch tankless water heater is a digital control pad see below installed separately from the wall-mounted heating unit, allowing users to control the temperature of their water for various needs around the home. Once the temperature is set, the Bosch unit constantly delivers hot water at that desired temperature. This feature has great utility in households with small children and seniors to help prevent scalding accidents. SAFETY SEALED COMBUSTION. Bosch also offers flexibility in its wall-mounted locations. Should the user prefer to mount the unit indoors, it safely uses no indoor make-up air and vents directly to the atmosphere. Because it is roughly the size of a breadbox, the Bosch tankless water system can be mounted on the exterior of a home freeing up valuable floor and closet space.
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As soon as you turn on your hot water tap, the flow of water turns on the heat exchanger, and the water heats up to the temperature youve pre-selected. If youre using a point-of-use system the small one under the sink; youll get hot water immediately.
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Unlike a traditional tank style water heater which continously keeps a limited amount of water hot in case you need to you it, Stiebel Eltron electric tankless water heaters heat the water as it flows through the unit. This on" demand" style of heating has been popular in Europe and Asia for many years, but only recently has the technology improved enough to handle our Canadian climate and flow rate expectations.
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To meet hot water demand when multiple faucets are being used, demand heaters can be installed in parallel sequence. Although gas-fired demand heaters tend to have higher flow rates than electric ones, they can waste energy even when no water is being heated if their pilot lights stay on.
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While tankless water heaters offer unlimited hot water, the gallons per minute should also be taken into account. Because of this, some contractors are offering one tankless unit for the shower and bath, and a second for the kitchen and laundry. The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater. Considering their low maintenance, efficiency and ability to remove buildup, the benefits of tankless water heaters become even clearer. With a lifespan nearly ten years longer than traditional systems, tankless models break away from the pack. If youre considering tankless water heaters, contact Arpis. Our expert water heater service and installation technicians can get you started on the path to savings.

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