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For example, from simple to more complex: a bucket toilet honey bucket, a tree bog or arborloo two simple systems for converting excrement to direct fertiliser for trees, a pit latrine a deep hole in the ground, a vault toilet which keeps all the waste underground until it is pumped out, a container-based toilet, a composting toilet which mixes excreta with carbon-rich materials for faster decomposition, a urine-diverting dry toilet which keeps urine separate from feces, and incinerating and freezing toilets.
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Add To Owned List. Go To Lists. Townsend VorMax Right Height Elongated One Piece Toilet with Seat. Add To Wishlist. Add To Owned List. Go To Lists. Buy It Now. Town Square FloWise Concealed Trapway Right Height Elongated Toilet with Seat.
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From plumbing to toilet bowl cleaner and toilet paper, weve got you covered. We'll' also show you how to repair a toilet, replace a toilet, test for a toilet leak and conserve water with our how-to articles and how-to videos.
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L'expérience' TOTO Bibliothèque. L'innovation' de TOTO entourant la technologie qui aide directement les personnes, l'environnement' et les efforts de conservation de l'eau. Transparence du produit. La transparence est essentielle pour ce qui est de faire des choix de produits avisés.

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