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Orléans High-end convector SOR. Fan Heaters for the smart home. High-end fan heater for bathrooms SORB. Electric Baseboard B. Compact Multipurpose Baseboard SBB. Bella High-end Baseboard BA. Aluminum mini architectural baseboard ALUX1. Aluminum mini architectural baseboard ALUX2. Aluminum architectural baseboard ALUX3.
10 things you might not know about electric baseboard heaters.
And if you rely mostly on electric baseboard heaters, they probably make up a big part of your annual electricity bill sometimes as much as 44%. Making sure your heaters and working properly and operating efficiently can go a long way in keeping costs down.
Dimplex Electric Heating Baseboard Heaters.
Linear Convectors are up to 42% smaller in length compared to a traditional baseboard heater, offering you maximum floor plan flexibility in an attractive package. Up to 40% faster heat flow than traditional baseboard heaters, Linear Convectors circulate heat faster and further into the room for increased comfort.
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Baseboard Convection Heaters. BASEBOARD HEATERS CONVECTION HEATERS. Warm up on cold days. Find an electric baseboard heater or convection heater for your home. span stylecolor: rgb255, 255, 255; font-weight: 900" classmodule-font-14font" classmodule-font-17" stylefont-size: 17pxWHAT" KIND OF SPACE HEATER DO YOU NEED/font/span/div/div."
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Baseboard heaters don't' work with your home's' main thermostat, which controls your furnace or air conditioner, so your best bet is to buy one from the heater's' manufacturer. You'll' likely need a thermostat in each room that has a baseboard heater.

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